Vocabs and Stuffs

Vocabs and Stuffs


  • use when you have a big chunk of data (text, cryptography, phone numbers, etc.)
    • phone number – parse first 3 digits to get the area code
    • text – parse into words/sentences, etc.
  • to parse is to go thru, chop up data into smaller pieces to identify and compare – going thru piece by piece
  • breaking data into meaningful pieces
  • unit of meaning


  • go thru a loop and do the exact same thing over and over again
  • an iteration – a frame in a loop
  • “iterate over” – pass thru each part one frame at a time
  • unit of math
  • can iterate thru words, but not until you’ve parsed some text into words


  • to identify a break in the meaning – to separate, to outline
    • ex: spaces delineate words so I can parse text into words

Organization When Coding

  • start with an outline, big picture
  • then fill in functions with their definitions
  • start with brain’s way of understanding, then translate into code
    • English -> psuedo-code -> code


  • when you take in some input, get output, and put that output back thru (however many times)

F(x) = 2x

F(F(x)) = 2(2x) = 4x

  • in this example, both xs are local – they are not the same but are distinct from each other
  • a recursion example: a function taking in itself (tricky b/c of scope and accidental infinite loop)

Today’s Resources:

My older brother.


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